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  • Irish Life takeover gets the all clear from European Commission

    Irish Life takeover gets the all clear from European Commission Canada Life, which has had a presence in the Irish insurance market since 1903 but only holds a five per cent share of the market, has been given the green light by the European Commission to go ahead with its proposed takeover of Irish Life. The decision was made in favour of the takeover based on the fact that even with the merger, there was still plenty of competition in the market, which has recently been boosted by a number of new market entrants including Liberty Mutual and State Street Global. Canada Life, which will now be subsumed under the larger Irish life brand, is now seeking to make around 300 voluntary redundancies in a bid to reduce costs by as much as €40...
  • Why might you need to seek advice from a financial adviser?

    Whether you're looking to buy a financial product to protect your future or keen to ensure your pension is the very best plan for you, the assistance of an experienced financial adviser can make all the difference to whether you achieve your short and long-term goals. The type of services available range from the broad, such as general financial planning, to the more specific, including advice on particular products such as life insurance, income protection cover and pension plans. One of the main benefits of using a professional financial advice service is the confidence you have that the product you end up with is the most suitable for your particular needs. There are also potential benefits in the range of  financial products availabl...
  • Over 75 Life Insurance Cover

    Many people in their later years tend to believe that once they reach the age of 75, it is too late to buy life insurance as the risk they present to insurance companies is too high; however, this is simply not the case. Although there are some insurance companies that will not be willing to provide life cover to the over 75s, there are plenty that still do. This  ensures that by shopping around, you will still be able to find a policy which is both affordable and that puts the short term cover you need in place. When searching for life insurance at the age of 75 or over, it is essential you do your homework to find a policy that suits your particular needs. As always, the requirements of each individual will differ depending on their ci...
  • Easylifecover.ie Explained

    Eamonn Freeman talks about Easylifecover.ie and why you should use us for all your financial advice and information needs. Easylifecover.ie helps people with their income protection, mortgage protection and life insurance policies.
  • This Video explains all about life cover

      This video about Life Insurance will help you make one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. What is it? Well it's basically an income replacement that will help people close to you survive financially during their morning period. Especially if you were the soul earner in the family. Do I need it? If someone will suffer financially if you die, then yes you will need life insurance.