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  • What Co-habiting Couples Need to Know About Mortgage Protection

    What is Mortgage Protection? Mortgage Protection Insurance covers the amount owed on the mortgage, should the mortgages borrower pass away, before the mortgage has been repaid in full. If there are two people named on the mortgage, the insurance is paid when the first person dies. Perhaps the biggest reason to take out Mortgage Protection Insurance is to avoid any situation where the mortgage borrowers dependents are left with debts they simply cannot afford, or in the worst case scenario, their home gets repossessed. But what happens in a co-habitation situation and the tax implications which might occur as a result? Co-habitation and Property Ownership The biggest area that concerns most co-habiting couples is property ownershi...
  • A General Guide to Life Insurance

    This infographic is a helpful and general guide to help any individual who wants to take out a life insurance policy in Ireland, but does not know where to begin. As with any type of insurance policy, it is always important to get financial advice and when considering a life insurance policy, one thing to remember is to take into account is that any individual taking out life insurance will need to maintain premium payments to maintain the benefits of the policy.