What is Mortgage Protection?

ghHere at Easy Life Cover we’re just like you. We know that life can be a little like cycling a bicycle. If we are to achieve all we aim for, we need to keep cycling. Sometimes we all forget little things though. That’s because life has become so much busier and at times it can seem as though there aren’t enough hours in a day. We would all like to spend more time with our nearest and dearest, doing the things we love and really getting the most out of life.

Because we understand our customers, we understand what you need, and when. We know that your main priority is taking care of those closest to you. Our Mortgage Protection Insurance offers you the peace of mind you need. In the event you were to die or lost your partner, the very last thing you would need is trying to find a way to pay the mortgage. With this type of protection, we will step in and see that your family are properly cared for.

During bereavement, we recognise that our customers will need both support and kindness. With this we work quickly and efficiently to give your loved ones the time needed to focus on what matters most; your family.

We know our customers, and we understand that life may not always be perfect. Our aim is to bring to you the kind of services you need. Unlike other life insurance products, mortgage protection insurance will reflect the balance of your mortgage. Each year we will re-evaluate the protection to ensure fairness to you while continuing to offer the same service. All we ask is that your mortgage is not in arrears. Whether you’re a professional, a parent at home, a first time buyer or simply just looking for advice, we can help you.

What are you expected to pay on Mortgage Protection

Our mortgage protection policies start from as little as €3 Per Month!