How do I go about getting life insurance?



How do I go about getting life insurance?

I’ve been speaking with friends and family about a life insurance and I’ve decided it’s a necessity. I’ve 4 kids and I’m the bread winner in the family so I need to cover the family in case anything happens to me. How do I go about getting life insurance?

Derek O’Sullivan, Cork




“There are 7 leading insurance companies in Ireland and it’s difficult to choose which one will be best for you. You should take a few minutes to sit down with your loved ones and work out how much cover they’d realistically need in case anything happened to you. They need to be able to survive financially. Once you’ve decided on a number you should speak to a life insurance broker that has an excellent track record and a long list of happy clients.

A good broker can show you dozens upon dozens of companies for the plan you’re looking for and not just one, two or even a handful.

You should give Easylifecover.ie a call and we’ll help you in every way that we can. Here’s some of the things we’ll do for you:

– Sit down and work out what your loved ones need cover for e.g. school, mortgage payments, general income
– The amount of cover you need based on needs
– Discuss different policies provided by 7 leading insurers in Ireland
– Choose the policy that is best suited to your needs.
– See what savings can be made on other area’s of your life such as mortgage protection

After our financial advisers have taken your through your needs we’ll sort everything out regarding signing up and all you need to do is sign and set up a direct debit. This process couldn’t be easier and your family will be covered if anything happens to you.”

Eamonn Freeman, Easylifecover.ie