Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance Term Life Insurance

From the outset we tell our customers that this type of insurance doesn’t suit everyone. It is a less expensive form of life insurance because it simply covers the insured person(s) for the length of the term. If you so choose, you can take out this type of cover for ten years, or even throughout the duration of your mortgage. Again, it really depends on the individuals specific circumstances.

Premiums are generally lower, and therefore sometimes a more attractive option for some. In the event of a death during the term of the insurance, the agreed sum will be paid out. However, when the term ends, there will be no recompense. However one can include a convertible option to a term plan which means that at the end of the term you can continue with the same level of cover for an other term regardless of your health at ordinary rates in other words you can not be penalized if your health has deteriorated during the original term.

We always advise our customers to look very closely at other insurances and types of cover they might have in place ahead of choosing any form of protection such as Serious Illness Cover, Hospital Cash Cover or Accident Cover.

Term Life is certainly a very inexpensive and hassle free type of insurance, and over the years has become more popular as people develop a greater understanding of the risks and possibilities.

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