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  • Life Insurance for New Parents

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons Having a new baby and particularly your first baby is an exciting but also worrying time in any new parent’s life. The exhilaration of bringing a life into the world, coupled with the reality of the time management and financial implications, can be overwhelming. For many couples, finding financial security and obtaining peace-of-mind is the holy grail of parenthood. That is where investing in a life insurance policy comes in. The Costs of a New Baby in Ireland According to a recent survey carried out by the creators of Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment, the average cost spent on a new baby in his or her first year of life in Ireland is €5,648. Furthermore, one in ten babies can cost their parents anywhe...
  • Living Life Off the Ledge

    Of the top ten deadliest jobs in the USA, being a lumberjack or logger is the deadliest for fatalities per 100,000 full time workers. Fishermen and those working in the fisheries industry come in second, after being first for several years, followed by Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers in third place. This is all according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. When we look at the gender rates of job fatalities, an overwhelming 92% of job fatalities that occur are male with only 8% female. The highest area of job fatalities within an industry is transportation incidents at 41% and the largest age demographic for job fatality occurs between 45 to 54 year olds. In contrast, some of the safest employm...
  • A General Guide to Life Insurance

    This infographic is a helpful and general guide to help any individual who wants to take out a life insurance policy in Ireland, but does not know where to begin. As with any type of insurance policy, it is always important to get financial advice and when considering a life insurance policy, one thing to remember is to take into account is that any individual taking out life insurance will need to maintain premium payments to maintain the benefits of the policy.
  • 8 reasons life insurance is essential

    You’ve probably heard people talking about life insurance during some point of your life. Some people have probably had mixed reviews. I’ve personally heard quotes like “it’s a waste of money”, “it’s just another way for the financial industry to get more money out of our pockets”… the list could go on. EasylifeCover has decided to do a small post explaining 8 reason we think life insurance is essential, not only for you but your loved ones as well. So here's the: 8 reasons life insurance is essential    1. No one knows the future. On any given day it can be our time to pass in this life due to unexpected illnesses or even because of natural causes. By securing a decent life insurance policy you are making su...