Recommendation from Colin Watt

Another testimonial from a former colleague on behalf of our managing director Eamonn Freeman.

“Dear Eamonn,
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Colin WattDetails of the Recommendation: “I was fortunate to work with Eamonn for a number of years at Royal Liver, during a period of hectic change in the business and the industry. Eamonn built, led and developed a team of financial advisers in the SE of Ireland, and drove great business results. He also established long standing and strategically important relationships with key 3rd party partners, in his specialist field of mortgages and general insurance.

He was not just an important member of the leadership team in Royal Liver Ireland, but also in the local business community with diverse interests in Waterford Crystal, Waterford Football Club and many more. One of his key attributes was to disrupt traditional business processes and techniques and introduce creative and successful alternatives. This made him stand out from the crowd and its no surprise he has gone onto build his own successful business. A great colleague at the time, and a great friend to this day, I recommend Eamonn in his profesional área of expertise without hesitation.”

– Colin Watt – Director of People Development & Engagement at Telefónica Digital

The list of happy ex colleagues and customers keeps on growing. Just another sure reason to get in touch with Eamonn Freeman and the Easylifecover.ie team today.