Over 50s Life Insurance Ireland

Over 50s Life Insurance Ireland

Why Choose Our Over 50s Life Insurance Plan?

The life cover for over 50s plan is specifically designed for anyone aged 50 to 80 years old. It guarantees to pay your loved ones a cash sum when you die, with no medical questions asked. It is the ideal plan if you are looking for over 50s life insurance in Ireland.

No one knows when you are going to pass on from this life. Our life cover for over 50 provides you with up to €25,000 of life insurance to perhaps organise a nest egg for your family. This lump sum could be left as a gift to your family or it could be used to help pay any bills and expenses when you are no longer around (for example, funeral expenses and associated costs). Taking out an over 50s life insurance policy could also help pay any outstanding bills you might have after you die. Note that for cover in excess of €25,000, you will need to answer some medical questions.

Over 50 Life Insurance Ireland

If you are concerned about what might happen to your family after you pass away, alleviate those concerns and ensure your family is set up financially so that they are taken care of. At Easy Life Cover, we are one of the leading advisers on over 50s life insurance in Ireland.

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