Life Assurance in Ireland

life assuranceThoughts of purchasing life assurance often conjure up images of hard-nosed sales men waving about reams of paper and being successfully vague. A lot of people would have decided against life assurance purely because they didn’t understand well enough the benefits. It’s well known that there are is a certain type of sales person to avoid at all cost. He’s the type who, when you go to buy something you need time and patience with, he’ll bamboozle you with facts, statistics and scare mongering.

However, life has changed. The simple truth is that there is no law that says you must have life assurance. Indeed certain circumstances may require it, for example a mortgage provider may need to see that the amount paid out can and will be returned in the event of a death.

That all sounds pretty typical, doesn’t it? What you really need to know is the how, why, what, where and when.

How to get Life Assurance; It’s possible that you’ll undergo a medical depending on the amount of life cover required. Sometimes it won’t be necessary but it is of great importance that you tell the truth. Leaving out small details that you deem inconsequential can quite easily be the difference between your next of kin being paid a sum, and receiving nothing at all.

Why Should You Get Life Assurance; A death in the family is hard enough without those left behind being burdened with the worry of mounting bills. Imagine for a moment how your family would cope after the shock has begun to subside.

What is Life Assurance; Will your partner be comfortably able to provide for the rest of your family without your income? If the answer is uncertain, life assurance can provide you with the kind of security you need.

Where Can You Get Life Assurance; Just like everything else, it’s worth looking around to make sure you get the best deal possible. Come in and talk to us for a start and we’ll see how we can help to get you the best possible quote. All our Financial Advisers are qualified to give you the advice that best suits you needs.

When Can you get Life Assurance; Frankly, anytime. There are plenty of companies offering different packages to different people. For example, somebody looking for life insurance ahead of mortgage approval will get just as good a package as one over 50 seeking a little extra protection.