It pays to protect your lifestyle

It pays to protect your lifestyle

Whether you’re starting your first job, saving to buy your first home or looking to retire in comfort, every stage of lifebrings with it a new and unique challenge. In these circumstances it pays to have the financial support and information you need.

Starting a family

If you’re thinking about settling down and starting a family, then it’s even more important to think about financial protection, not just for you, but for the people you love.

Would you and your family be able to cope if you were unable to work due to illness or injury? Never mind the luxuries you may have come to enjoy, how would you even afford the essentials?

In this instance, income protection insurance can provide you with peace of mind and the means to protect your lifestyle when you need it the most. With the security this cover provides, you are free to concentrate on rebuilding your career or focus on making a full recovery from your illness, safe in the knowledge that your young family, and the bills, are taken care of.

Maturing families

It’s not something we like to talk about, but it is important to consider how your family would cope if you were no longer around. The worst thing that could happen would be for an already traumatic time for your family to be made worse by having to move home. And what about your children? The costs of further education are high, particularly if they are in university. Without your income, your family may need to reassess the feasibility of paying for continued education. In this situation, life insurance can help to put your mind at ease, ensuring your family will be protected financially if the worst should happen. Although your family’s life may not be easy, life insurance cover can help them to meet mortgage repayments, replace lost income and cover university costs.


Having spent 30 years working hard, when retirement does come, you want to be in aposition to enjoy it. At this stage of your life priorities change from protecting your income to making the most of your savings. A financial advisor can review your plans and ensure you are making the most of your money. They may also suggest you support your pension with income frominvestments, or alternatively cash these investments in. Life insurance should still play an important part in your financial planning even after retirement age. If you’re married and a significant amount of your retirement income comes from one partner, then life insurance could be the answer.