Did everyone appreciate Father’s Day?

Happy Father’s Day Infographic.

We hope everyone appreciated Father’s Day if you didn’t you really need to check out these statistics conducted by Irishlife.ie.


Irishlife had this to say –

“This Sunday is Father’s Day. Now on Mother’s Day I’m expected to have a nice card and maybe some chocolates or perfume on hand (which I pretend my children have bought). I’ve no problem with that – Mums are special.

However, Father’s Day seems to be a non-event in our house. I could be waiting long time for any sign of appreciation. To be honest I’d even settle for a pair of socks at this stage.  We did a survey of attitudes recently and it seems I’m not alone – only 1 in 3 Dads say their kids appreciate them, while less than half say their wives or partners appreciate them! In fact our research shows  found that Mums and Dads don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things!. For example –

  • • Dad says he spends an average of 55 hours a week on housework or childcare – Mum says it’s more like half that at 29 hours!
  • • Dad enjoys about 23 hours a week free time – about double what Mum gets.
  • • Dad thinks he spends 14 hours quality time a week with his partner, she thinks it’s just 10 hours (she doesn’t count watching sport!).”

Such an interesting piece of information here that just had to be shared. Don’t forget to ensure you share this with other. Dad’s all around the country need to appreciated after this.

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