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  • The Biggest Insurance Payouts Ever

    At Easy Life Cover, we have put together an interactive storymap which chronicles some of the biggest disasters around the world in recent history where insurance companies paid out in billions. Did you know that the US hurricane season in 2005 resulted in damages valued in the region of one hundred and thirty billion dollars? The earthquake that shook Sichuan Province in China in 2008 caused an estimated twenty billion dollars of damage, the majority of which was not covered by insurance. Remember the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud in 2010 that forced airports to close across Europe? Airlines were losing millions every day during the crisis. See our storymap below for more details. Regulatory Notice C & E Freeman Ltd trading a...
  • Insurance and Hollywood

    Did you know that insurance premiums range from 1% to 4% of a movie’s budget? In fact $200 million dollars (approximately €186 million euro) is spent on insurance policies in Hollywood annually. Producers take on the financial risks of a movie and sickness, injury, or death, slows down or shuts down a production. When this happens, halting production costs up to $250,000 dollars (€232,000 euro approximately) in losses per day for a big-budget film. For an action-packed franchise, this can cost even more. Have a look at our infographic below for an illustrated view. Regulatory Notice C & E Freeman Ltd trading as The Mortgage Shop, Easy Life Cover, TMS Financial Services is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Directors...
  • The World of Pension Assets

    Did you know that the top sixteen major global pension assets markets are worth more than thirty-six billion dollars combined? The USA is the largest market worth more than twenty-two billion dollars, followed by the UK at three billion, three hundred million dollars and Japan at two billion, eight hundred million dollars respectively. Alternative assets are up by twenty percent and are the smart investor’s top choice as bonds have declined by nine percent and equities have declined by seven percent since 1995. For more fascinating facts about the area of pension assets, have a look at our infographic below.
  • Life Insurance for New Parents

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons Having a new baby and particularly your first baby is an exciting but also worrying time in any new parent’s life. The exhilaration of bringing a life into the world, coupled with the reality of the time management and financial implications, can be overwhelming. For many couples, finding financial security and obtaining peace-of-mind is the holy grail of parenthood. That is where investing in a life insurance policy comes in. The Costs of a New Baby in Ireland According to a recent survey carried out by the creators of Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment, the average cost spent on a new baby in his or her first year of life in Ireland is €5,648. Furthermore, one in ten babies can cost their parents anywhe...
  • The History of Insurance, 1750 -2015

    The insurance industry has a long history that began with primitive forms of 'spreading risk' in 1750 B.C. right up to present day 2015 with companies competing for customers offering the best value 'internet rates'. This interactive timeline charts the full history of the insurance industry from its most basic forms, through its widespread adoption in Europe, to its eventual sweep across the Atlantic to North America.