30 Years Today

It’s been 30 years to the day that our Managing Director Eamonn Freeman broke into the financial sector and we’ve created this blog post to celebrate his career to date…

eamonn freemanEamonn started his career with Royal Live Assurance 30 years and has never looked back at the road not taken. Eamonn confided in me and said he’s never regretted his decision to enter into a career in the financial services industry. Over his 30 year spell Eamonn has seen some wonderful results from his life’s work. Some people may think that “what wonderful results can you see as financial advisor”? I even wondered this question myself. Eamonn politely responded saying “Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Specified Illness Cover and Income Protection are a security blanket for people. The thought of knowing my clients and their families are looked after when they pass on or suffer a serious illness themselves is an indescribable feeling. Due to my advice families are able to get a financial boost when their partner or parent passes on or they themselves suffer a serious illness. This financial stability can make or break people in the morning period and I’m delighted to know I helped in the process.”

30 years in the industry has also proven Eamonn’s worth and trust within the community. Clients he started with 30 years ago have passed on and now their children, family and friends are clients of Eamonn. This just shows the trust factor Eamonn has secured over 30 years and it’s also why he’s one of the best in the business.

His first manager, the late Billy Deegan is remembered by Eamonn as one of natures gentlemen and he believes that his training at the start of his career moulded him into being the professional financial advisor he is today. Going over his past career moments Eamonn takes me through his career highlights. He started under Billy as an agent in Waterford, and progressed as an Assitant Manager in Tralee, and then on to a manager in Mallow until he returned back to Waterford to succeed Billy as manager in Waterford and onto a regional manager’s role. After so much success he was brought on as a National Sales Support Manager until eventually going out on his own.